Mark Middleton to meet with Immigration authorities today

Morning Talk 16/04/2018

The stepfather of murdered teenager Karla Cardno expects to be deported after being arrested last week as an overstayer.

Mark Middleton arrived in New Zealand in 1962 as a four-year-old from England with his family. He has never been back to the UK.

Last Tuesday, Immigration officials arrived at his workplace and arrested him.

“It was pretty hostile, they shoved me down the hole for a couple of days and chucked my food on the floor next to the toilet.” he told RadioLIVE’s Mark Sainsbury.

“It wasn’t a pleasant experience.”

In 1989, Middleton’s step-daughter Karla Cardno was brutally raped and murdered by Paul Dally. He is currently serving a life sentence in prison. In 2001, Mark Middleton was convicted of threatening to kill Dally if he was ever released from prison.

In a statement to RadioLIVE this morning, Immigration New Zealand’s Peter Devoy said “As a matter of background people in New Zealand who are liable for deportation may initially be held in custody by the Police for up to 96 hours for the purpose of placing them on the first available flight."

"Prior to deportation, Immigration New Zealand (INZ) offers an interview to establish the person’s individual circumstances and ensure that the deportation is appropriate given their circumstances."

"This is INZ’s standard process in managing deportation cases and this was followed in Mr Middleton’s case.”

Listen the full interview with Mark Middleton above.

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