Four percent of drivers make up third of road deaths

Morning Talk 24/04/2018
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Research has come out from the AA Research Foundation which has found that some New Zealanders still aren’t wearing seatbelts.

The project took an in depth look at 200 deaths where people weren’t buckled up and examined the offence history of people caught not wearing a seatbelt.

Simon Douglas, AA Research Manager, joined Mark Sainsbury on Morning Talk to explain the research.

Mr Douglas says that about 96% of Kiwis do wear their seatbelts.

“So what we’ve got is 4% of people not wearing their seatbelts and they’re making up about a third of road fatalities.”

One of the major findings was that seatbelt deaths are not restricted to just one group.

People in rural areas, driving for work and the elderly were some of the surprising groups the research has found to be dying in road crashes when not wearing seatbelts.

The other, less surprising, groups were made up of young men and tourists.

“Those five groups of people make up a small percentage of the total population, but a very big proportion of those dying while not wearing their restraint.”

  • The full research report is available here.

Listen to the full interview with Simon Douglas above.

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