Judge Andrew Becroft urges NZ to reduce voting age to 16

Morning Talk 01/03/2018

The Children's Commissioner thinks it's about time New Zealand considers lowering the voting age to 16. 

Judge Andrew Becroft wants to open a national discussion because the childrens' futures are at stake. 

But Judge Becroft told Mark Sainsbury that it wouldn't work without major support.

He remarked that the same arguments against giving young people the vote were used against women in the 1890s.

Scotland, Austria, Brazil and Argentina already do it.

“I do recognise the disadvantages, they’re still developmentally immature, they’re still growing up, the frontal lobe is still developing…

“But they are capable of rational thought.”

Judge Becroft said it could put more emphasis on youth-centric legislation.

“They don’t have a vote, or a voice, or an influence,” he told RadioLIVE. 

Listen to the full interview with Judge Andrew Becroft above.

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