Pet talk with Megan Alderson

Morning Talk 05/03/2018

Mark Sainsbury is joined by Strand Vet Megan Alderson for her weekly chat about pets.

This week Megan talks about how pets help our kids deal with stress.

Science Daily reports a University of Florida study shows pets provide valuable social support for kids when they're stressed.

Associate Professor Darlene Kertes looked at the relationship between children and pets over a number of years.

…having a pet dog present when a child is undergoing a stressful experience lowers how much children feel stressed out.

"Children who had their pet dog with them reported feeling less stressed compared to having a parent for social support or having no social support.

"Middle childhood is a time when children's social support figures are expanding beyond their parents, but their emotional and biological capacities to deal with stress are still maturing," Kertes explained.

"Because we know that learning to deal with stress in childhood has lifelong consequences for emotional health and well-being, we need to better understand what works to buffer those stress responses early in life."

Listen to the full interview with Dr Megan Alderson above.

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