Dairy ownership one of the most dangerous jobs in NZ - Industry Association

Morning Talk 19/03/2018

The Executive Director NZ Association of Convenience Stores says owning and running a dairy would have to be one of the most dangerous occupations in the country.

Association Executive Director Dave Hooker, told Mark Sainsbury that there are a lot of measures owners can put in place to ensure safety.

“There’s a whole sweep of audio alarms, fog cannons, bollards to stop ram raids, secure vending machines, safe rooms - but these all cost money.”

Most dairies aren’t highly profitable businesses.

Dave Hooker says contrary to popular opinion there isn’t much money in smokes for dairy owners.

"There’s not a big profit on tobacco, [around] a 10 percent margin category, but it can be a huge part of your turn over.”

“But that’s still substantial.”

“Most dairies aren’t highly profitable businesses, and if you take out 20 percent of your gross income, it’s probably the difference between being in business and not being in business,” he says.

Meanwhile, Dairy owners in Westmere have shared video footage of a pair of "bandits" robbing their Garnet Road store.

The thieves can be seen storming the counter, attacking the owners and stealing cigarettes.

The shopkeepers don't back down without a fight, and do their best to coerce the men out of the store.

One of the thieves briefly pulls out a meat cleaver before putting it back in his bag.

The bandits eventually run off, with the shopkeepers chasing after them.

The owners of Garnet Dairy posted security camera footage to Facebook on Saturday.

"Have you seen these bandits? Please report them to the authorities if you know them. They stole quite a lot of cigarettes from us this morning, and beat up the owner."

Last year, two men were charged for robbing Garnet Dairy in 2016.

Listen to the full interview with Dave Hooker above.

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