Car talk: Worldwide airbag recall hits New Zealand

Morning Talk 09/03/2018
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This week on Car Talk, Mark Sainsbury and Myles Gazley discuss the "Mo on the Road" promotion as well as Mark’s participation in last weekend’s demolition derby.

Also under discussion this morning are two luxury carmakers announcing plans for electric vehicles. Aston Martin with the fully electric Lagonda and Porsche are looking to make a splash at the Geneva Motor Show.

But the big news in the motoring world this week is Japanese company Takata announcing a worldwide recall of their airbags.

Takata airbags have injured hundreds and killed dozens of drivers around the world.

When one of the faulty Takata airbags explodes, it can fire shrapnel into the driver and passengers.

Around 320,000 new and used vehicles in New Zealand are affected. Vehicles in humid climates, like in Auckland, are most at risk.

If the airbag has been stored in a damp place for long enough, you get a tremendous explosion...

A faulty part in the airbags causes the explosions, which have resulted in hundreds of injuries and 22 deaths worldwide.

Tune in to the full interview with Myles Gazley above.

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