‘There is no quick fix’ - Nurse's Union organiser

Morning Talk 28/03/2018
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More stories of insufficient working conditions and workplace bullying in a number of health sectors are coming out.

On Monday, nurses and midwives rejected a 2 percent pay rise offer from New Zealand’s district health boards. According to the nurses the issue extends much further than just insufficient pay.

This week on Morning Talk, Stephen McIvor has been shining a light on the issue and getting stories from nurses and other health workers. Sue is an organiser for the Nurse’s Union and called in to say that they have to deal with problems of bullying and bad working conditions on a daily basis.

“There are good employers out there, unfortunately...they’re in the minority.”

Sue said that the DHBs that she has worked within have acknowledged that there is widespread bullying in the sector and have had the Union in for positive workplace training.

According to Sue, there is no simple solution to the problem but speaking up when you see someone being bullied and supporting other people is a good start.

“People have to actually start speaking up,” she said.

The Ministry of Health has been approached for comment but has not replied at the time of writing this article.

Listen the full interview with Sue above.

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