Sugary drink industry needs be regulated like tobacco – dental expert

Morning Talk 15/03/2018
Photo: Getty.

A dental expert says something needs to be done to address our country’s addiction to sugary drinks, and sugar substitutes aren’t the way to go.

Dr Rob Beaglehole, spokesperson for the New Zealand Dental Association, says that diet drinks aren’t any better for you and scientific evidence proves it.

“If you’re drinking these diet drinks, you’re going to put more weight on than if you’re drinking the full sugar drinks” he told Mark Sainsbury.

This stuff is highly addictive.

Dr Beaglehole remarked that the beverage industry should be treated the same way as the tobacco industry.  

The dental expert joined Mark Sainsbury in Nelson.

“We need to tax it. We need to regulate it. We need to get it out of schools.”

He said that while sugary drinks cause massive dental problems for the country – artificially sweetened drinks are causing weight gain and type 2 diabetes.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Rob Beaglehole above.

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