Report shows homelessness getting worse

Morning Talk 12/02/2018

A new report has found New Zealand's homelessness crisis is far more drastic than previously thought.

The Housing Stocktake has found 80 percent of those seeking emergency shelter are being turned away.

It also forecasts things are set to get worse, with emergency housing providers bursting at the seams.

Co-author Alan Johnson says the data shows how far behind we are when it comes to building homes.

"The current position around homelessness and people with temporary and unsatisfactory housing is that it appears to have got gradually worse.

"In terms of the population growth we've seen in New Zealand and particularly in Auckland over the last three years, we just haven't built enough houses to accommodate that growth.

That's one of the biggest causes of what we're seeing now literally on the streets of New Zealand.

"Part of the problem, then, is that it will take some time to resolve that."

The report considers homelessness, the rental market, housing affordability and housing supply around the country, with an in-depth focus on Auckland.

Mark Sainsbury talks with Hugh Pavletich the co-author of the Demographia Housing Affordability survey to discuss the report and what can be done to make housing more affordable to deal with homelessness.

Listen to the full interview with Hugh Paveltich above.

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