Judith Collins is strong and decisive - Hooten

Morning Talk 14/02/2018

Bill English is gone and two weeks ago on Morning Talk with Mark Sainsbury, political commentator Matthew Hooten picked it.

“It’s all over for Bill English, the National Party caucus insists on generational change and this will happen sooner rather than later” he said at the time.

The attention now is on who will replace him as leader. Ruling themselves out this morning were both Paula Bennett and Nikki Kaye, with only Judith Collins putting her hand up so far today.

Matthew Hooten told Mark Sainsbury this morning that Judith Collins had to act quickly.

“Well she’s come out because her brand is to be strong and decisive, because she knows very well that she couldn’t spend days dithering over this”

She has no idea if she can get to 29 votes which demonstrates she is bold.

Mr Hooten told RadioLIVE that Judith Collins is "strong" and "decisive."

Listen to the full interview with Mathew Hooten above.

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