Groundbreaking jockey Linda Jones looks back on her 40 year career

Morning Talk 07/02/2018
Credit: File.

It’s hard to believe the sensation that jockey Linda Jones was in the 1970s.

The groundbreaking jockey is briefly back in the country for a Racing Hall of Fame event this weekend.

She joined Mark Sainsbury on Morning Talk to look back at the events of 40 years ago.

Jones said at the age of 24 she applied for her apprentice license and the barriers immediately went up.

She was too old and not strong enough to make it as a jockey. And being married "didn’t help either."

I have no idea [why]! Obviously, when you’re married you weren’t allowed to earn a living.

She told RadioLIVE she fought with authorities for four years to get her license. 

"And it was actually only the Human Rights Bill that went through Parliament in 1977 that they couldn’t refuse me.”

Listen to the full interview with Linda Jones above.

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