We are going to live a lot longer than we thought we would – says futurist

Morning Talk 20/02/2018
Credit: iStock.

From seawater being turned into energy to editing DNA using CRISPR, living in the world of the Jetsons might not be far off.

Mark Sainsbury talks to Graeme Codrington, a South African futurist, on why governments need to get on board by embracing and mapping the digital future for the years to come.

Speaking at the Digital Nations conference in Auckland on Monday, Mr Codrington said, "I know that the guys that are working in the space are saying the first person to live to 500 years is probably already alive."

Asked about his role as a "futurist", Mr Codrington told RadioLIVE his task is to "look backwards".

We look at the trends that you can see in society and technology in the world around us.

"And we try to extrapolate that out into the future so that we can help governments and organisations to plan on what has been happening and what is going to happen," he said.

Listen to the full story from Graeme Codrington above.

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