Can you be compensated for disappointment?

Morning Talk 19/02/2018

Ever booked a holiday or event and were left disappointed?

Last week, an entire family was kicked off a Carnival cruise ship in Melbourne after days of alleged threatening behaviour to other passengers erupted into a full-blown brawl.

It left some passengers too afraid to leave their rooms, 3AWRadio reported. As many as 30 people were injured in the fights.

Video emerged days after the story broke showing crewmembers trying to break up the fight as the brawlers scream and swear at each other.

So what if this was your big holiday? It got Sainso thinking can people be compensated for disappointment? Sue Chetwin, chief executive of Consumer NZ, joined Mark Sainsbury.

Using the 'cruise from hell' case as an example, Ms Chetwin says passengers could be compensated depending on how the captain "handled the situation."

"It will depend on the review of the ship operator.

"I understand [the passengers] were offered a 25% discount on their next cruise," she told RadioLIVE.

Listen to the full story from Sue Chetwin above.

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