Blokes and sheds: Is the shed the last bastion of Kiwi bloke-hood?

Morning Talk 07/02/2018
Man-cave. Credit: Supplied.

What’s the lure of a man-cave? Or a “she-shed” for that matter. 

Do we need a space to call our own away from the pressures and realities of home life?

Author Steve Hale joined Mark Sainsbury to talk sheds and man-caves.

What impresses me the most is people who have an absolute passion for something.

"It might be a collection, it might be something they go out every night and have a workshop and build," he said.

He told RadioLIVE it’s not about how much has been "spent on the man-cave"

"It’s the purpose or what they do out there," he said.

"Whenever I go to anybody’s man-cave that they’ve spent a bit of time in, I come away thinking how little I’ve achieved in my life."

Listen to the full interview with Steve Hale above.

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