Barnaby Joyce: Hypocrisy, politics and a mid-life crisis

Morning Talk 08/02/2018

Veteran political journalist Bernard Lagan says traditionally news media has steered clear of reporting on the private lives of politicians, but some cases are hard to avoid reporting.

Barnaby Joyce’s affair with his former staffer is one of the latter says Mr Lagan.

“Barnaby Joyce had long opposed legalising same sex marriage on the basis it would destroy traditional marriage” he says.

In fact, he invoked his own four daughters in defending his position.

Mr Lagan says that at this point the story became a legitimate one to report on.

“In public life you have to be shown, if you are going to have these activities outside of your marriage then you need to be able to demonstrate that they have no impact at all on the way you conduct yourself in public life.”

Listen to the full interview with Bernard Lagan above.

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