Are you a sickie taker?

Morning Talk 05/02/2018
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The urge to take a sickie today is strong.

Today is one of those odd occasions where there’s a single working day scheduled between a weekend and a public holiday.

And as we all know, Kiwis are world champs at taking a sickie, we don’t usually need much of an excuse.

Employment Law Specialist Max Whitehead joined Mark Sainsbury to talk about the law around taking sick leave and says part of our workplace productivity problem can be put down to our national pastime of taking sickies.

“If you’re not genuinely sick, you are contracted in law to turn up to work. If you are not genuinely sick , you are actually telling a lie.”

He adds people do get sacked for taking sickies when they’re not actually sick.

If [employers] let people off, then it can go through a workplace like an epidemic.

Employers do have rights.

“The employer can ask for a medical certificate” he says “but Doctors lie. I think, anecdotally, a lot of doctors lie - ask any employer what respect you have for medical certificates, and they'll say none!”

Listen to the full interview with Max Whitehead above.

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