Are we entering a new Waitangi Day era?

Morning Talk 05/02/2018
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This Waitangi Day seems a little different.

Is it the move from the lower Marae where the traditional conflict was centered, or is it the sense that this new Labour-leg Government is more acceptable to Ngapuhi?

AUT Professor of History Paul Moon joined Mark Sainsbury on Morning Talk and suggests that it’s a combination of factors.

In a way, the lower Marae has almost turned on itself

He says part of the reason commemorations aren’t taking place there is that they haven’t been able to agree on certain aspects of things.

"So it’s an internal problem there that’s triggered this.”

Is it a new age?

Paul Moon agrees “very much so, if you go back ten years there were a lot of Treaty settlements that still hadn’t been concluded, people were getting a lot of angst about where things were going. Bar Ngapuhi, a lot of the historical settlements have now been reached.”

Listen to the full interview with Dr Paul Moon above.

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