Rest homes allegedly restricting shower time

Morning Talk 21/02/2018
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This week on Morning Talk we have received a number of disturbing calls from people worried that our senior citizens living in rest homes were being told they could only have two showers a week.

The New Zealand Aged Care Association is downplaying the allegations that many retirement homes are restricting shower time.

So what are the standards we set? 

In many cases, it is the taxpayer picking up the cost of looking after the elderly in aged care. Shouldn't that be enough to demand a higher standard?

On Tuesday, RadioLIVE approached the Ministry of Health for a response but they did not reply.

However, Emma Prestidge, manager of HealthCERT, joined Mark Sainsbury to respond to the allegations.

Ms Prestidge says its concerning.

I am concerned to hear that people would not be getting the required attention.

But she told Mark Sainsbury there are strict regulations in place to ensure those in aged care are being looked after.

"All our audits are published online and we do consider all aspects of someone's care.

Simon Wallace, CEO of New Zealand Aged Care Association, also called in to talk about the allegations.

Mr Wallace says he is not aware of any aged care facilities restricting shower time.

But knowing my members, showering is a daily activity.

"And the job of our staff is to respect our resident's wishes. And some of those wishes are that not all the time do resident's actually want to have a shower every day," he told RadioLIVE.

Listen to the full interviews with Emma Prestidge and Simon Wallace above.

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