'I've had a very fortunate life, really' - Sir Lloyd Geering

Morning Talk 27/02/2018

At 100 years of age, Sir Lloyd Geering is still pushing boundaries of thought in religion and secularism.

“During my 100 years, things that were thought impossible are now old hat,” he told RadioLive.

Sir Geering joined Mark Sainsbury on Morning Talk to reflect on his past in the limelight. 

His famous 1967 trial for heresy, during which he claimed the Church wrongfully interpreted the resurrection, made world headlines.

I think that because I was acquitted, it gave me more self-confidence.

Mark Sainsbury asked the big question - does he consider himself a Christian?

“Yes and no, I call myself a Christian because I live by Christian values, most people would say Christian means more than that,” he said.

He’s currently writing another book which spans the course of his life, looking at the changes humans have seen over the past 100 years.

“Faith is not believing in a set of beliefs but in hope for the future and in one another.”

Listen to the full interview with Sir Lloyd Geering above.

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