New Plymouth golf club could be turned into housing area

Long Lunch 01/02/2018
Fitzroy golf club. Credit: Taranaki Golf.

A proposal to sell half a New Plymouth golf course when it’s lease from the council expires in 2023 is facing a backlash from the public.

Neil Holdom, New Plymouth mayor joins Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch to discuss freeing up land for housing and generating wealth for the community.

Throughout New Zealand, there are 390 golf clubs. All sit on prime land which could be used for building houses on, helping to fix the housing shortage the country is facing.

It's really about bringing the big issues of local government to the table.

"And we're really delighted to be having the conversation.

"If you put the housing issue aside, philosophically it's about who pays for local government infrastructure, when they pay and how they pay," he told RadioLIVE.

"We see developing this land, which is not public access green space - it is community owned green space, but it is there for the exclusive use of golfers during the majority of daylight hours.

"And so we're looking at proposing that we develop [the land] to fund new community assets that are there for everyone to enjoy, creating new revenue sources and setting the community up to deliver future revenue streams," he said.

The proposed golf club being looked at for new community assets is the Fitzroy club, which is leased from the New Plymouth District Council.

Mr Holdom told Wendyl Nissen it's not as simple as telling the golf club their lease is up and taking the land back from them.

"And I don't think that we would want it to be [that simple].

"There is a process to go through and it starts with having the conversation."

Listen to the full interview with Neil Holdom above.

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