Green Goddess: Lemon dusters

Long Lunch 12/06/2018
Photo: Stock

Green Goddess Lemon Dusters by Wendyl Nissen.

I can guarantee that once you have made and tried these you will never use anything else. You can make them in separate little jars, they make great gifts, or fill a large Agee jar and use them as you need them.

The longer you leave them brewing in the jar, the better.

white vinegar
5 drops lemon essential oil
6–8 clean dusters (made from old towels, nappies or sheets)
3–4 lemons

Mix equal quantities of water and white vinegar in a bowl and add lemon essential oil. Soak dusters in the bowl, then squeeze them out so that they are just damp. Peel the rind off the lemons and lay a couple of pieces on each duster. Roll up each duster lengthwise, then roll the other way into a ball. Place them in a jar, one on top of the other, throw in the occasional extra piece of rind and screw on the lid.

Take the dusters out when you need to use them, and if they aren’t too soiled you can roll them back up and use them again. The smell in the room is divine.

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