Woman leaves baby outside Far North hotel to play pokies

Long Lunch 28/05/2018
Photo credit: Google Maps.

A hotel in the Far North will get rid of its pokie machines after a woman left her baby outside while she gambled.

Glen Dick, owner of the Rawene Masonic Hotel, told The AM Show that the young woman is a regular at their gambling facilities.

Soon after she walked in last week, Mr Dick heard what sounded like a child crying outside the building. When he went to investigate he found a toddler alone in a baby capsule on the footpath.

"I brought her inside, popped into the game room and asked 'does anyone own this baby?', and this young girl said 'she's mine'.

"I looked at her in disgust and said 'you can't be doing this', and basically asked her to leave and take her baby home."

Speaking to Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch, Mr Dick’s partner Lana Turnbull said it was a “no brainer” for them to get rid of the gambling machines after taking over the hotel in December 2017.

We weren’t that keen [on pokie machines] in the first place.

She says they wanted to create a friendly environment where families could enjoy themselves.

As a result of the troubling incident, he will get rid of every pokie machine in the hotel at quite a cost to the business.

"We could potentially lose up to $1000 a week."

Listen to the full interview with Lana Turnbull above.

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