Another human foot washes ashore in Canada

Long Lunch 17/05/2018
An orca in the Salish Sea. Photo: Getty.

Over the past 11 years, disembodied feet have mysteriously washed up along the shores of Canada’s Salish Sea.

A fourteenth foot washed up just last week. This time, it was in a hiking boot. All but one of the other feet had been wearing athletic sneakers.

Andy Watson, communications manager with the Coroners Service of British Columbia, told Wendyl Nissen that none of the deaths over the last decade were “deemed suspicious”.

The feet were attributed to accidental deaths or suicide, he emphasised.

Mr Watson says the Coroners Service has been able to find a human match to all but three of the feet.

One foot found in 2017 was linked to a missing man from Washington State, whose remains were carried by the strong tidal current all the way to Vancouver Island.

“That’s about 150 km across the strait from where he ended up.

“It’s bizarre and it’s really interesting that something can travel such a distance and then linked to somebody else’s mystery,” he told RadioLIVE.  

The Long Lunch’s Wendyl Nissen asked whether athletic shoes have been predominant in the cases because of their ability to float.

Mr Watson agreed that her guess is highly likely.

“Not only the buoyancy of the shoe but also I think the fact that the feet and shinbone seems to be an area that’s easily disarticulated from the rest of the leg.”

Indeed, autopsies over the years have indicated that feet were separated from the body through the natural processes. 

Listen to the full interview with Andy Watson above.

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