Timaru man refuses to let instructor out of car after failing driving test

Long Lunch 16/05/2018

A man in Timuru wasn’t happy when his instructor gave him a fail on his practical driving test.

While the majority of Kiwis simply exit the vehicle and try again later, the man reportedly refused to let the instructor out of the car.

Greg O’Connor from VTNZ told Wendyl Nissen that typically 25 percent fail the full test, and 45 percent fail of those taking the restricted test.

He explained that there are a “range of emotions” that one can experience when they fail the test.

Mr O’Connor says the VTNZ has worked relentlessly to reduce the wait time for taking the practical test, which can help ease frustration for those who do fail.

According to The Timaru Herald, the driving instructor was not injured and eventually able to leave the car. 

Listen to the full interview with Greg O'Connor above.

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