Inside the mind of a celebrity stalker

Long Lunch 10/05/2018
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A man convicted of stalking actress Sandra Bullock in 2014 was found dead in an apparent suicide at his home in California last week. He had been involved in a standoff with a SWAT team, local media report.

Psychologist with AETHOS Consulting Group, Dr Jim Houran is a published expert on celebrity culture and stalking.

He joined Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch to discuss why people stalk celebrities.

“I wish there was a silver bullet answer,” Mr Houran said.

“I wish there was a simple explanation of why there are celebrity stalkers, and of course in the case of Sandra Bullock’s stalker there very well may be some mental health issues.”

“We’ll never know fully,” he told Wendyl Nissen.

“But that’s usually the first go to response and that is these people are crazy.”

Literally where the word fan comes from is fanatic.

“And so, we assume that anyone that is preoccupied with celebrities has some sort of mental disturbance,” Mr Houran told RadioLIVE. “And while that’s probably the case in some instances we know now that the psychology of celebrity worship is a little more complex.”

“In fact, I argue, it sounds very controversial to say this but I would argue that given the right circumstances there is a stalker in all of us.”

Listen to the full interview with Jim Houran above.

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