The Long Lunch: In case you missed it

Long Lunch 29/05/2018

In case you missed it, here are some of our favourite bits from The Long Lunch for Tuesday May 29th, 2018.

NZ Space Challenge winner

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The GPS Control Systems director John Ahearn discusses his company’s success at the inaugural New Zealand Space Challenge and the breakthrough work they are doing in Global Navigation Satellite Systems to help heavy tracked vehicles detect and avoid perilous ice shelf crevasses. 

New Zealand's most trusted brand

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Whittaker’s chief sales officer Matt Whittaker shares his thoughts on winning the title of New Zealand’s most trusted brand for the seventh year running, why Kiwis are such firm believers in the company’s products and philosophy, and life in the post-Cadbury world.

The Strength Switch: Game-changing publication for parents

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Professor Lea Waters, an author, researcher and strength-based scientist, discusses her new book The Strength Switch and why it is a game-changing publication for parents looking to best support their children in their formative years.


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Jude Walter, programme manager of Alcohol&Me, discusses why the app helps Kiwis make smarter decisions about what they are drinking rather than trying to get them to drop booze altogether. 

33 years on death row: Kevin Cooper's lawyer

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Convicted quadruple murderer Kevin Cooper has spent the past 33 years on death row awaiting execution for a crime that, if proved wrong, could turn out to be one of the most farcical in United States criminal history. His lawyer Norman Hile joins the show.

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