Peace Action protests at Doc Edge

Long Lunch 23/05/2018
Credit: Doc Edge.

What was supposed to be a normal night at Wellington's Doc Edge Festival didn’t quite go to plan when protesters joined the event during the screening of Ben-Gurion, Epilogue.

Alex Davis from Peace Action in Wellington lead the protest, and spoke to Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch.

Ms Davis says the Israeli Embassy sponsored the filmmaker to come here, making it a target to the cultural boycott.

It's not okay for these state sponsored screenings to go ahead.

They were not so much protesting the documentary, but the sponsorship of it.

Ms Davis said a group of them from The Wellington Palestine went down to the screening, playing some poetry and Palestinian music, before three went in to the film.

They tried to give a more accurate introduction to the film by standing up and making some noise.

This caused the film to be stopped at several points before Ms Davis says one protester was violently assaulted when two people jumped on her and hit her on the head.

The police came and removed the protestors out of the cinema.

Ms Davis says it’s really important that people are faced with this discomfort “it's not okay for these state sponsored screenings to go ahead.”

“Unarmed people are being killed, and it's not okay for people to be sitting in a cinema, without any context or discomfort and how much it affected them 70 years ago.”

She hopes the Auckland Peace Action may be doing it when the film plays at Q Theatre this month.

Listen to the full interview with Alex Davis above.

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