Waste chief wants strategy to deal with our rubbish

Long Lunch 01/05/2018
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Councils around the country are trying to work out what to do with our waste.

Huge stockpiles of kerbside rubbish are building up after China recently pulled the pin on accepting waste from New Zealand because contaminants were polluting its environment, it said.

WasteMINZ chief executive Paul Evans joined Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch to discuss why Kiwis need to stop relying so heavily on exporting waste to countries like China.

He said there needs to be a strategy for dealing with rubbish.

I think it’s probably a shock for many people.

“We all diligently put our stuff into our recycling bins, and then it becomes out of sight and out of mind,” Mr Evans said. “But we’ve got a real challenge at the moment. China was a really big market for recyclable commodities – that’s a market which has closed off now.”

“So that’s causing some short term pain in the terms of stockpiles while people wait for other markets to open up.

“But as much as there’s that short term pain we need to think about the long term approach to this and how do we do this better,” Mr Evans told RadioLIVE.

Listen to the full interview with Paul Evans above.

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