Napier council staff donate sick days to colleague with cancer

Long Lunch 24/05/2018
Photo credit: Getty.

How many sick days do you have owing?

If you’re a healthy person would you be happy to donate them to someone else?

In a remarkable case of paying it forward, staffers at the Napier City Council have donated a total of 169 sick days to a much-loved colleague who is suffering from lymphoma.

Chief executive Wayne Jack told Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch that staff members decided to start a Sick Leave Bank so that those in desperate need of sick leave could be assisted by those with a healthy sick leave balance.

“It came about as a result of one of our staff members who had quite a major illness and had exhausted all their sick leave.

“When we looked at what some of the options were, this seemed to be such a good solution really for people if they need to access additional sick leave,” he told RadioLIVE.

And it’s been really accepted by all the staff.

He says staff can donate up to 15 days of their sick leave entitlement.

Last year, Marlborough District Council introduced a sick leave bank.

Employees have donated more than 2000 hours of their leave and the fund has proved to be very popular at the council, Newshub reported.

Listen to the full interview with Wayne Jack above.

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