Civil rights activist teaches young Kiwis how to combat bullying

Long Lunch 18/05/2018

Civil rights activist Minnijean Brown Trickey teaches young Kiwis how to combat bullying

American civil rights activist Minnijean Brown Trickey has stood up to many bullies, some larger than most people ever have to face.

Ms Trickey was one of eight students, dubbed the “Little Rock Nine” who fought for African-American civil rights in the 1950s. The group of African-American students made history when they famously tried to desegregate all-white Central High School in Arkansas.

The American is now in New Zealand to discuss bullying, racism, and discrimination to Kiwi students.

Ms Trickey told Wendyl Nissen that watching the crazy things that occurred during the 50s made her and her fellow students “really compassionate”.

The civil rights activist has turned her struggle against hatred and discrimination into a learning opportunity for young people, and is now sharing her story to help the youth combat issues surrounding bullying. 

Listen to the full interview with Minnijean Brown Trickey above.

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