More migrants are leaving New Zealand

Long Lunch 22/05/2018
Photo: File.

Annual net migration has decreased since last year, surprisingly because non-New Zealand citizens are leaving the country.

Statistics NZ revealed that net migration is down 4,800 from last year, which saw the country’s peak migration at just under 72,000.

Kirsten Nissen, senior analyst at Stats NZ, told host Wendyl Nissen that the country continues to see an increase in arrivals.  

Ms Nissen says this it’s difficult to say what’s driving that change.

“We may assume that people have chosen not to renew their visa or not transition to another type of visa,” she told RadioLIVE.

They also could be seeking work elsewhere or returning to their home country, she explained. 

Listen to the full interview with Kirsten Nissen above.

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