Bullying has become more complicated, harder for parents - expert

Long Lunch 15/05/2018
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Bullying-Free New Zealand Week starts 14 May 2018. The week provides a great opportunity for all people to talk about what bullying means and for schools to highlight their everyday work to counter bullying.

Nicole Macquet is a Ministry of Education senior advisor and experienced guidance counsellor. She spoke to Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch to share a few tips on how parents can best support and educate their children when it comes to bullying.

She says bullying has become more complicated.

“The means of bullying has changed significantly. It’s become more complicated and ways of responding are becoming a little trickier.

“I think mainly the introduction of social media has made [bullying] 24/7,” she told RadioLIVE.

Macquet says it’s a lot harder for young people to escape from bullying than in the past.

“Back in the day we’d have to get to school, we might experience bullying, and then we’d leave and have a break from it.”

“It’s harder for adults to see, and kids can hide behind fake profiles, they can lash out in ways that are a lot more creative,” she told Wendyl Nissen. “So it’s a lot more complicated and I guess that makes it harder for parents to work out how best to support their children because it is so different.”

Where to find help and support:

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