Disgruntled fathers protest outside judges' homes

Long Lunch 17/04/2018
Photo: Getty.

Upset fathers are protesting outside the residences of judges who’ve lost custody or visitation rights.

Police have been stationed outside the homes of Family Court judges to protect them from the disgruntled fathers.

However, the protests have been understood to be peaceful thus far.

Kirsty Swadling, chair of the Family Law Section of the NZ Law Society, told RadioLIVE that the judges are just doing their jobs.

“It’s quite disturbing when people are being threatened, either implicitly or directly, including their families for just essentially doing their job,” she told Wendyl Nissen.

“There’s likely to be someone who feels that they’ve won and someone who feels that they’ve lost,” she said. “And essentially what the court has to try and do is balance the best interests of the children involved.”

Ms Swadling said it would be in the dads’ best interests to make “careful submissions” when the Family Court is next reviewed.  

Minister of Justice and Courts Andrew Little has confirmed that a third review into the Family Court had also been ordered.

The Family Law chair suggested that court processes such as appeals or judicial complaints should be used if a party is unhappy with their court result.

“There’s no reason to need to go to outside a judge’s home.” 

Listen to the full interview with Kirsty Swadling above.

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