Drinking placenta shows no objective benefits - scientist

Long Lunch 04/04/2018
Photo: Instagram

Would you or your partner consider eating the placenta of your new born child? It’s a question a lot of people are asking themselves right now.

It’s called placentophagy, the consumption of the placenta, a fad some new mothers are doing including Zoe Marshall, wife of former Kiwi league star Benji Marshall.

Behavioral neuroscientist Mark Kristal has studied the practice in animals for more than 40 years.

He joined Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch to discuss if there are any benefits to consuming placenta.

Mr Kristal says eating placenta is good “for animals.”

Non-human mammals, almost all of them, enthusiastically eat the placenta when they’re giving birth.

“In fact, they find it so attractive that they will eat it in preference to any other meat, and they will eat it in preference to taking care of their young,” he told RadioLIVE.

He says research on humans shows no objective benefits to consuming the placenta but the ‘placebo effect’ could be beneficial.

Listen to the full interview with Mark Kristal above.

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