Why artificial intelligence will have a positive influence - expert

Long Lunch 17/04/2018
Photo: Getty

One expert says the future with artificial intelligence is more exciting than unnerving.

Issy Fernando, IBM’s leader on Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing, joined Wendyl Nissen to help debunk some of the myths about AI.

He defines artificial intelligence (AI) as any commuting system that looks at large amounts of data to help humans make better decisions.

‘If there’s something that can help me do my job better, to make the world a better place, and for me to personally become a bit more awesome – I’ll take it,” said Mr Fernando.

The AI guru will lead an IBM-led panel discussion at Techweek in Auckland and Wellington called AI: A Force for Good, which looks at the way AI is helping people.

Listen to the full interview with Issy Fernando above.

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