Green Goddess: Natural remedy for nits

Long Lunch 10/04/2018
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Green Godde: Natural nit remedies by Wendyl Nissen

Nits are like fleas, you can treat them naturally but you have to keep at it. I can remember lining up all four of our older children in the kitchen and combing them all every other night. At the time I was editing a women’s magazine and doing long hours. I had better things I could have been doing as soon as I got home from work, but the first rule of nits is to get out the comb and use it every other night for two weeks. You must also wash the bed linen every few days in hot water and add a dash of tea tree oil in the final rinse water.

One night while I was combing Pearl’s hair I was drowning the nits in a glass of water next to me as I was finding them. We were both watching television and I was obviously engrossed in the programme because I took a long drink out of the glass next to me.

‘Mum,’ said Daniel in shock, ‘I think you just drank the nit water.’

I was out of the lounge so fast and reaching for some fresh water to drink and then had to sit there for the next hour trying not to think about all the nits fighting for their lives in my stomach.

There are many natural nit shampoos and treatments available now and I urge you to use them in combination with the combing, but you can make your own. I buy a cheap, preferably unscented shampoo and conditioner and add tea tree oil to it. I also drip tea-tree oil on our children’s brushes, so that when they brush their hair a light coating will penetrate it and deter the nits

Here is a great natural recipe I was given by a reader for getting rid of headlice.

1 cup coconut oil (soften if necessary) 
1 cup of apple cider vinegar 
Mix together and apply liberally to the hair, leave for 5 to 10 minutes, then shampoo out and comb well.

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