Tegel slammed for not being up front about proposed Northland farm

Long Lunch 01/03/2018

Kapehu Marae spokesperson, Professor Margaret Mutu says Tegel were selective with the information they initially offered up surrounding the proposed chicken broiler farm in Arapohue. 

The Ngati Kahu leader and academic joins Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch and says the Kapehu Marae, which is situated right next to the proposed site, could cease to exist if the farm is given the green light.

Tegel Foods is planning to set up the country's biggest chicken broiler farm in Arapohue, with a capacity to stock up to 1.3 million chickens and employ 30 people, but there is a growing chorus of people in the Far North voicing their concerns.

The poultry giant is seeking resource consent to raise as many as nine million chickens a year on land that is currently used for dairy farming.

Listen to the full interview with Margaret Mutu above. 

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