No quick fix for reducing screen time for adolescents

Long Lunch 03/04/2018
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Teenagers are looking at screens more often than not, and it’s a public health issue one university researcher believes parents need help with.

Dr Samantha Marsh, a researcher at the University of Auckland, has just been awarded a $150,000 explorer grant from the Health Research Council of New Zealand to test an intervention aimed at parents to try and reduce screen time in teens.

Dr Marsh joined Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch to discuss the grant.

She says screen use is the main activity of young people in New Zealand, according to a recent survey.

“Early adolescents and adolescents can spend up to nine hours a day on screens,” she said. “And often they’re using multiple different screens at the same time.”

Dr Marsh says the use of mobile devices and social media has been linked with depression and suicide.

She wants to use her grant to come up with an intervention to help parents reduce the amount of their teen’s screen time.

Listen to the full interview with Dr Samantha Marsh above.

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