Auckland Councillor applauds locals behind Seaside Park blockade

Long Lunch 03/04/2018
Photo: Unsplash.

Otahuhu's Seaside Park has become a late night party spot with local residents claiming to be kept awake and finding used condoms, smashed glass and human faeces in a park used by children during the day.

Apparently, the revelry has been occurring in the park since Christmas.

Locals took it upon themselves to block the park’s entrance with temporary metal fencing – and one local’s own campervan.

Retiree Jess Denholm, who owns the campervan, said the “protest blockade” will continue until Auckland Council gets a lockable gate for the park.  

Director of Community Services Ian Maxwell from Auckland Council assured Wendyl Nissen that they will concede to the neighbourhood’s request.

“We will put in place that gate,” he said.

Mr Maxwell said that there are indeed times when certain parks become popular, and that Seaside Park is only the latest to attract revellers.

“It’s unacceptable that local communities need to put up with this sort of noise,” he said. “I admire what this community has done.”

While Auckland Council intends to install the gate, Mr Maxwell warned that there is a line that the council has to draw.

He explained that in some cases, locals complain when a park is visited by outsiders who are not necessarily disturbing the community.

But Seaside Park, he said, is not one of those cases.

Listen to the full interview with Ian Maxwell above.

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