Doctor calls Nunberg interview ‘exploitive’, ‘not funny at all’

Long Lunch 07/03/2018
Photo: CNN.

A leading American doctor has slammed US media networks for allowing Donald Trump's former aide Sam Nunberg to effectively have a breakdown on live television. 

Nunberg conducted a cringe-worthy media tour de force earlier this week which culminated with a CNN presenter openly asking him if he had been drinking, as she could smell alcohol on his breath.

Eugene Gu, who works as a doctor in Tennessee, joined Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch to comment on the incident.

Dr Gu admitted it was at first funny to watch Nunberg crash and burn on live television.

“In the beginning, it wasn’t clear whether he was impaired or not,” he told RadioLIVE. 

But the longer it went on, the more concerned he became about Nunberg's mental health. 

Dr Gu explained that at one point the programme became almost “an exploitation of someone who was in severe mental distress.”

He said that it eventually became “inappropriate” to continuing airing him on nation-wide television.  

"As I physician, I'm really concerned that he may be in severe mental distress and pose a danger to himself. That's actually not very funny at all," he said. 

Dr Gu has become a vocal opponent of the US president, citing that he’s changing America in such a negative way. He believes that his impact is so negative that people like himself are now being driven to attempt to change things from the bottom up.

Listen to the full interview with Eugene Gu above. 

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