Dairy owners: 'Living in fear 365 days a year'

Long Lunch 19/03/2018
Photo: File.

Waikato Retailers' Association representative Ravi Vansia is calling for tougher penalties and more police presence in the wake of the latest dairy robberies and bashings.

Mr Vansia joined Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch to discuss his own experience and why he's calling on the Government to take action. 

Mr Vansia says the Government is failing to listen and act, despite the flurry of recent incidents involving dairy owners being attacked in their shops -- largely by thieves looking for cigarettes.

He says dairy and bottle store owners are living in fear each and every day, and their position in the community and indeed the national economy is being taken for granted.

Listen to the full interview with Ravi Vansia above. 

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