Bluff oyster season off to a roaring start

Long Lunch 01/03/2018

The weather played its part this morning as the 2018 Bluff Oyster season kicked off in emphatic fashion. 

Barnes Wild Bluff Oysters general manager Graham Wright joined Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch and says it was all systems go early this morning.

The boats headed out to Foveaux Strait around 4am to dredge for the first time this season. 

As usual, there were plenty of people waiting to meet the boats as they came back in with their season-opening catches, including celebrity chef Gareth Stewart, who was due to fly straight back to Auckland with some of the prized shellfish. 

Mr Wright said the Bonamia ostreae parasite, which blighted the 2017 oyster season in some places, had not been detected in Foveaux Strait during the latest round of testing results completed in February.

Supermarkets around New Zealand are expected to be stocked with Bluff oysters from next week, with prices likely to be around $28 per dozen.  

Listen to the full interview with Graham Wright above. 

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