Creepy drone experience puts Auckland woman off sunbathing

Long Lunch 28/02/2018

An Auckland mother and daughter were left horrified after a spotting a drone hovering over their private residence.

Morgaine Halligan told Wendyl Nissen on The Long Lunch that she's unlikely to sunbathe at her mum's home again after the ordeal.

The pair saw the drone stick around for another 15 minutes and then land a few streets over from the Mt Wellington residence.

It came quite close – it was like a loud buzz.

The drone also hung around other properties on her mum’s street, according to Ms Halligan.

The drone was spotted by neighbours, one of whom alerted Ms Halligan and her mum to the privacy invasion and called police, who pointed them in the direction of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

“There’s so much amazing footage that can be created with drones these days,” said Ms Halligan.

“But when the behaviour of the drone is suspicious – the intentions of the person operating it become questionable.”

Arie Spyksma, co-owner Wild Atlas, told RadioLIVE that maintaining privacy while operating a drone is an obvious aviation rule.  

“Whoever was flying that drone should’ve been asking for a permission to fly over them and b permission to fly on their property…” said Mr Spyksma. “Which I am very much imagining did not happen. “

The CAA says operators must not use airspace above people unless they have their consent.

Listen to the full interview with Morgaie Halligan and Arie Spyksma above. 

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