Scams prey on the lonely on Valentine's Day

Long Lunch 14/02/2018

If you’re loved up then your Valentine's Day is probably going quite well.

But if you’re on your own it can be tough - and there are some pretty horrible romance scams going on.

Bronwyn Groot, Fraud Education Manager at the Commission for Financial Capability, joined Wendyl Nissen to discuss ways to avoid getting ripped off.

She says online scams are tripping up people who suffer "loneliness".

"People are heading to these dating and romance websites and not understanding that there could be a level of danger lurking behind fake profiles"

Increasingly, online fraudsters are targeting people both young and old in sophisticated ways.

Ms Groot says dating sites ask a "huge amount" of personal questions to satisfy their online database.

Your eye colour, your height, date of birth, your hair colour... everything about yourself.

"It's just incredible. It worries me," Ms Groot told RadioLIVE.

Listen to the full interview with Bronwyn Groot above.

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