The dark side of the Facebook algorithm

Long Lunch 09/02/2018

Marketing and sales teams have adapted to the new age of social media, now with big dollars funnelling towards Facebook ads and Instagram sponsorships.

One book claims that social media marketing has spiralled to dangerous levels.

According to the book The Last Days of Reality, Facebook can identify when teenagers feel most vulnerable, which would then send sales messages when they were most susceptible to it.

Author, researcher and futurist Mark Pesce joined Wendyl Nissen to discuss how his book explores the dark side of Facebook.

We are constantly feeding [Facebook] so much about ourselves.

“Facebook has a beautiful, and I mean that in sort of a cynical sense, apparatus for surveillance,” he explains.

Mr Pescoe explains that Facebook’s algorithms can be used to identify and exploit users, and even influence political elections.

Listen to the full interview with Mark Pesce above.

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