Animal Justice League calls for end to rodeo events

Long Lunch 07/02/2018
Rodeo. Credit: Newshub

Are rodeos cruel? It's rodeo season and there have already been a number of protests around the country.

Places like the UK, Canada, and parts of Australia have banned rodeo events.

Wendyl Nissen is joined on The Long Lunch by animal justice league spokesperson Tara Marie to look at why New Zealand isn't banning the sport like other countries have done.

She says protestors are trying to get the attention of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

We're trying to convince her to implement a ban on rodeos because they are animal abuse.

Rodeos have been called ‘inherently cruel’ by animal welfare organisations like SAFE NZ. These organisations say the animals are stressed, frightened, and are tormented for the entertainment of the audience.

In 2016, SAFE and other welfare organisations went in front of Parliament to urge them to ban rodeo in New Zealand.

Their call for rodeo restrictions led to no changes to the Rodeo Code of Welfare.

Listen to the full interview with Tara Marie above.

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