American consortium cry foul at Warriors' bid breakdown

Long Lunch 28/02/2018

Richard Fale, the man behind the US consortium's bid to purchase the NZ Warriors, has claimed the Auckland Rugby League (ARL) stole their intellectual property and left them high and dry. 

Mr Fale joins The Long Lunch to explain why his team are vying to buy the club and what caused the breakdown of a prospective bid between them and Auckland Rugby League. 

Mr Fale and his consortium, which includes a couple of former Tongan NFL players, previously entered into an agreement with the ARL.

The US consortium initially felt confident that the discussions around an ARL partnership were going “pretty well”.

But it soon became apparent that the ARL were “more interested in dominating the discussions and the acquisition.”

Mr Fale said that it appears that the ARL have re-entered the bidding using information that they shared with them in those initial discussions.

Seems like they got everything from us that they were looking for.

Previous potential bids for the club have included a crowdfunding initiative launched by former Warriors skipper Monty Betham and one by a South Auckland childcare owner, but it is understood the latter fell short of the $20 million price tag owner Eric Watson is asking for. 

Listen to the full interview with Richard Fale above. 

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