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Home & Garden 05/05/2018
Photo: Auckland Botanic Gardens.

How to find inspiration for your garden

Yes, you can use social media like Instagram. But I like nothing better than walking the walk and meeting the makers and the shakers of the gardening world.

We have some of the finest gardens in New Zealand and many are open to the public for free.

Try any one of our botanic gardens around the country. The bonus of these free entry gardens is that many of the plants and trees are actually name tagged for easy identification.

You’ll have a great time brushing up on your Latin, with all botanical plants carrying names in an international language that can be spoken worldwide.

The next place to check out for inspiration is with the New Zealand Gardens Trust. Right up and down the country are extraordinary examples of garden styles.

The bonus in not only visiting these gardens is that you get to chat to garden owners and professionals alike to help you navigate through what you are looking at.

Gardens are best explored all year round, with autumn just as magical with its unique colours and forms.

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