Home & Garden: In case you missed it

Home & Garden 27/05/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at RadioLIVE's Home & Garden with Tony Murrell for May 26th & 27th  2018.

New Zealand Total Diet Study 

The 2016 New Zealand Total Diet Study tested over 4000 food samples for traces of chemical hazards. MPI's specialist advisor for toxicology and environmental chemistry Dr Andrew Pearson led the study and found our dietary intake of iodine had increased enough to support good thyroid health.

Tony and Helen talk with Dr Andrew Pearson.

Supermarket Sleuth

Is the Chinese Gooseberry set to make a comeback and does the piped music and never ending announcements in supermarkets irritate you? Also, the Commerce Commission in the UK is taking a close look at the proposed merger of Sainsbury’s and Asda.

Tony and Helen are joined in studio by Supermarket Sleuth John Winters.

Salvation Army is bracing for the busiest winter ever 

The demand for food parcels is greater than ever before and not just from those who are unemployed. The most needed items this winter are fresh and frozen meat, root vegetables and frozen vegetables, tinned goods such as spaghetti, soup and tinned fish, dairy products and hygiene items.

Tony and Helen talk with Lindsay Andrews, captain of SA Army covering Christchurch and the South Island.

Salads can also be about herbs

We typically think of culinary herbs as useful flavorants. They round out flavor profiles, add complexity to otherwise basic dishes, meld with other herbs to form novel taste compounds that you can’t quite place and cannot be replicated with any other combination and taste incredible.

Tony and Helen talk with Don Grant, Tasman Bay Herbs, Motueka.

Robotic Lawn mowers

So it's too wet to cut the the grass and you simply cannot get onto the lawn knowing full well that if you do you could sink up to your knees in the mud. In the age of tech and advancement why not get a robot to cut the grass for you?

Tony finds out more from Troy Jenkins, Northern Area Sales Manager, Husqvarna.

Beautiful wedding posies

The Duchess of Sussex's hand posy showed us “Astilbe” as a cut flower; the plant is commonly known as a bog plant. How did this damp camper become chosen as such a cut flower star for the newest royal?

Tony talks with Gerard Martin, Kingseeds, Katikati.

Eco Bee Box

A better, stronger more sturdy hive with little to no maintenance is needed so that a beekeeper can focus on the bees and honey production.  Eco Bee Box has parts to repair, enhance, replace, make them windows to the world and they are an evolutionary leap forward in hive technology. 

Tony talks with Ethan Yee, CEO, Eco Bee Box.

Botanic Gardens Australia New Zealand Open Day

The third Botanic Garden Australia and New Zealand Open Day will be held in Australia and New Zealand on Sunday, 27th May, 2018. Botanic gardens, arboreta and gardens in Australia and New Zealand will celebrate the vital work botanic gardens do for plant conservation. 

Tony talks with Barbara Wheeler, Botanical Garden, Dunedin.

Eco Tiny

EcoTiny pods can be purchased as a blank canvas and modded up to suit your tastes. Flat pack ready to build or grab one that is fully ready to move in.

Tony talks with Graham Bloxham, Ceo, Eco Tiny.

Integration of built in appliances

The kitchen has always been one of the most innovative rooms in the house as far as technology goes, what are some of the latest advances coming onto the market?

Tony is joined by Celia Visser, Multi Award winning Kitchen Designer,Celia Visser Design,Ponsonby.

When artificial intelligence and robotics combine

One of the world’s brightest young minds in robotic fabrication, Lauren Vasey is coming to New Zealand for keynote presentations at Paradigm-Shift, starting in Wellington on the 28th May, Nelson on 29th May, Christchurch on 30th May, Dunedin on 31st May and Queenstown on 1st June.

Tony talks with Lauren Vasey, Leading Robotic Fabrication Specialist.

The Design Success Online Program

Design Success was created to show other Interior Designers that you too can turn that dream into a reality, you can create that lifestyle you desire. Whether you are an interior designer just starting out or you have been in the industry for years.

Tony talks with Donna Jones, Design Success/Interior Design School.

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