Home & Garden: In case you missed it

Home & Garden 13/05/2018

In case you missed it, here's a look back at RadioLIVE's Home & Garden with Tony Murrell for May 12th & 13, 2018.

Living the good life

Bronwynne Anderson just finished the challenge of producing 365 preserves in the same number of days. Plus, at the same time, she works as a nurse.

Tony Murrell and Helen Jackson chat with Bronwynne Anderson.

Pastrami and Rye

Offering the perfect excuse to hit the hot sandwiches "all day every day", Ellerslie’s newest addition has well and truly rekindled our love affair with all things between sliced bread.

Tony Murrell and Helen Jackson catch up with Dave Donoghue from Pastrami and Rye in Ellerslie.

Supermarket Sleuth

As Countdown starts to get rid of plastic bags and Foodstuffs works on a plan b, the question some are now asking is should supermarkets be allowed to give away free wine?

Also on discussion today is the fact we have some of the highest supermarket prices in the developed world and there's no sign of this changing.

Tony Murrell is joined in studio by our supermarket sleuth John Winters.

Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards

Spiralized Vegetable Noodles has won the FMCG Business Outstanding New Product Award in the 2018 Outstanding NZ Food Producer Awards.

Helen Jackson talks with Belinda Bonner from The Whole Mix.

Olive Oil the New Zealand Way

From message boy to senior management in banking for 25 years, David Walshaw has always had the long held dream of “growing something”.

  • Read the full story here

Tony Murrell talks with David Walshaw from Kapiti Olives.

An Irrigation system that thinks for itself

With the use of automated controllers and rain sensors providing accurate watering times and schedules, your lawns and gardens will flourish whilst achieving efficient water management results.

Tony Murrell finds out more from Kayne Cash, project manager for Hydroscape Irrigation.

Food Scrap Recycling

Getting food scraps out of the landfill is a good idea, but why is composting at home better than if the council were to collect it?

Tony Murrell is joined by Ben Bell, inventer of Hungry Bin & Low Impact Ltd.

The French Pot Maker and ex Money Trader

Yannick Fourbet is originally from Anduze, in the south of France, a region famous for producing large elegant vases that date back to the 17th century.

Mr Fourbet has now settled in Central Otago with his Kiwi wife Philippa.

Tony Murrell learns the story of The French Pot Maker.

Co House Living

Co-housing is a type of medium to high density housing popular in Scandinavia where residents live in private homes that are close together and share some common facilities.

Tony Murrell talks with Thom Gill, an architect for Studio Nord.

Tradies build dream home

New Zealand still desperately needs more apprentices in the building and construction industry to meet demand.

About 50,000 workers are needed in the construction industry over the next five years, about half of these need to be trade qualified.

Tony Murrell talks with Warwick Quinn, Chief Executive, BCITO.

2018 Auckland Architecture Awards

The 2018 Auckland Architecture Awards are part of the peer reviewed New Zealand Architecture Awards programme run by the New Zealand Institute of Architects and sponsored by Resene. 

Tony Murrell talks with Auckland convenor Rick Pearson, and Sophie Ross, the Western Architecture Awards Convenor.

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